Share Your World 2014 Week 13

It’s time for another Share Your World Monday where Cee picks our brain and delivers great and entertaining questions for the rest us of bloggers. I have a question for Cee though, I am curious whether or not she was a fly on my wall last week and spied on me while I indulged myself in some TV shows.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?
I believe there is life on other planets, simply because the universe is too big, too unknown, and in my opinion it’s highly improbable (nothing is impossible) that we are alone. I usually watch the UFO shows on History Channel as well as Ancient Aliens. That says something about my answer no?

What type of pet or pets do not want to have?
I would have to draw the line at snakes/spiders/scorpions. My husband is deeply saddened because he would like a snake but I kind of, sort of, batted my eyelashes at him and he gave up on that idea. At least for now. Now he wants a monkey. Sigh….


If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Why blue of course.

What type of transportation would you be? Why?
A plane. Soaring high among the clouds, nothing but birds next to me. Total contradiction since I am afraid of heights.


March Updates

This is going to be a short post, mainly because I don’t really like talking about myself much without feeling like I’m bragging but I am super excited that I had to share this with the world (or.. you know, those who read my crazy ramblings)!

As most of you know, I am a web designer by trade but my second love has always been writing. I love writing, however I was always afraid to call myself “a writer”, “an author”, or god forbid add any adjectives to it like “aspiring writer”, “author wannabe” (word of note: don’t do that-it seriously kills the professional image you are trying to portray). I only had one poem published and that was in a local teen magazine-not much of an accomplishment.

For years, I wanted to add writer to my bio, or an author, but it wasn’t until I started blogging publicly that I had allowed myself to even classify me as such. It looks like the blog I am running with my husband is starting to pick up some traction. We have been interviewed for a couple of other blogs: one of them is Adventure in Croatia and you can read the interview here. The others are yet to be published so I am not linking to them.

I have guest posted for Chasing The Donkey and shared some secrets about my place of residence.

The biggest deal about March is being invited to be a contributor for Morsels and Juices, a new portal for women writers. They caught my post in one of the Facebook groups and liked it so much that they wanted me to be a contributor on their portal. I am excited about this because I am not tied into a particular topic and I get to connect with other women who are pursuing creative writing!

I can honestly say that I am delighted like a little girl who’s been brought to a candy store! This gives me the courage to see what else is out there for me when it comes to writing and maybe even get brave enough to make a pitch for a guest post on a few other sites I had my eyes on!

I think I will wrap this up for now before I get all awkward because I am putting myself out there!

Share Your World Week 12 2014

I am jumping straight in, had lot of things happen last week and am working on updating you guys with everything that’s been going on!

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

Rose. And coconut. Depends on which scent we are discussing. I prefer my lotions to smell like coconut. Anything else, I’ll take the rose scent.

How do you write: computer, longhand or other?

Depends on the occasions. Sometimes computer, sometimes notebook/longhand.

Your favorite blog post that you have written? (add link)

A post I wrote on Our Blended Marriage about the things I want to teach my daughter.

What’s one of your favorite books from childhood?

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Still is.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful all of us finally got over the flu, and my very first guest post!  I don’t know yet what I am looking forward to in the upcoming week, maybe the fact that I have been asked to be a contributor to a relatively new site for women writers (details coming later this week!); or the fact that I will get a chance to work with Genesis for a client. Can’t make up my mind between the two!

Share Your World Weeks 10 & 11

First of all, let me start by apologizing. (I know it’s not necessary but it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t apologize so bear with me). Last week was mean to me. The entire household has been struck with flu and some additional chores were passed onto me so I haven’t posted anything at all here. You can read all about that in my Flu has kicked our butts post. Now I have a lot of catching up to do and I am working like crazy to get everything back on track. Continue reading

Share Your World Week 9

It’s Share Your World Monday again! I’m going to jump straight into the questions, since I have my son procrastinating with homework!

Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio?

Ooh, a home office. What I wouldn’t give to have one! For me, it would definitely have to be a combination of art studio/reading nook. (Yes, web design is a form of art…).

Would you prefer the TV in the living room or another room?

In another room, preferably one that has a lock and a deadbolt so I can run away and hide when my kids drive me nuts. (You know, for those time when I silently mutter: “Mommy is not here right now, she ran away, changed her name and didn’t tell anyone”)

What color would you like your bedroom to be?

BLUE! For as long as I can remember, bedrooms I slept in were blue. I’d like to continue that tradition…. It has nothing to do with my blue obsession (*cough*liar!*cough*)

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?

I would be happy with 3 floors. My husband on the other hand wants a 5 story house. I guess we’ll just have to meet in the middle and go for 4?

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for my husband and my kids who can shine a light on even the rainiest days, and I’m looking forward to doing some video tutorials for my blogs.

Now to hunt down my son and help him kick procrastination to the curb!