Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 29 – Develop An Editorial Calendar

Sigh…. editorial calendar how do I love thee, let me count the ways…
Before we even delve any further into this topic let me just say that I have a slight obsession with calendars which are …. a part of EVERY good planner. In digital world my two favorites are definitely Google Calendar and Cozi. On my phone, I think I have tried a dozen calendar apps before finally settling on one that is now my go to app which also syncs with my Google Calendar.
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Zero To Hero: Day 28 – Expanding My Thoughts On Being A Good Neighbor

Today’s challenge wants us to expand on our most popular blog post. I was a bit surprised to find out that one of my top posts is the one I wrote about being a good neighbor. So let’s expand on that a wee bit more.

Thanks to Zero To Hero, I have found a small plethora (plethora just sounds sooo big… and handful seems too small) of blogs to follow, and I have also learned a few new things. (I’ll save the details for later, 10 to 1 we will have that as a challenge 😉 ). Thanks to that, I started following a few more blogs that aren’t necessarily related to my niche (what niche? The No-Niche niche?) that gave me food for thought.

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Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 18-Let’s Get Social

Today’s challenge wants us to get social, connect at least one social network to our blog. That is already taken care of since day 1 for me. The links to my social networks are in my sidebar. I have a link to my Twitter profile which is not so active because I am in the process of re-branding myself while I re-focus my official website. Next up is my Facebook page which I recently set up to make it different from my personal Facebook profile, also in efforts of re-branding myself. Last but not least is Pinterest link which is actually connected to my other blog because I couldn’t be hassled with creating different profiles for different purposes. That can get tiresome pretty quickly.

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Zero To Hero: Day 11-Thoughts On Being A Good Neighbor

I am getting straight to the point here. Today’s challenge prompted us to leave comments on blogs we never commented on before. As always, with commenting I have one lingering conundrum. Some of you already know I run more than one blog. Given that fact, it’s safe to say I comment (or at least try to) on a regular basis. The conundrum is ever present: do I comment on the blogs that are similar to mine? Or do I spread my wings and comment on the blogs that interest me but don’t necessarily deal with the same topic?

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