March Updates

This is going to be a short post, mainly because I don’t really like talking about myself much without feeling like I’m bragging but I am super excited that I had to share this with the world (or.. you know, those who read my crazy ramblings)!

As most of you know, I am a web designer by trade but my second love has always been writing. I love writing, however I was always afraid to call myself “a writer”, “an author”, or god forbid add any adjectives to it like “aspiring writer”, “author wannabe” (word of note: don’t do that-it seriously kills the professional image you are trying to portray). I only had one poem published and that was in a local teen magazine-not much of an accomplishment.

For years, I wanted to add writer to my bio, or an author, but it wasn’t until I started blogging publicly that I had allowed myself to even classify me as such. It looks like the blog I am running with my husband is starting to pick up some traction. We have been interviewed for a couple of other blogs: one of them is Adventure in Croatia and you can read the interview here. The others are yet to be published so I am not linking to them.

I have guest posted for Chasing The Donkey and shared some secrets about my place of residence.

The biggest deal about March is being invited to be a contributor for Morsels and Juices, a new portal for women writers. They caught my post in one of the Facebook groups and liked it so much that they wanted me to be a contributor on their portal. I am excited about this because I am not tied into a particular topic and I get to connect with other women who are pursuing creative writing!

I can honestly say that I am delighted like a little girl who’s been brought to a candy store! This gives me the courage to see what else is out there for me when it comes to writing and maybe even get brave enough to make a pitch for a guest post on a few other sites I had my eyes on!

I think I will wrap this up for now before I get all awkward because I am putting myself out there!


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