Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 30 – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

I know what you must be thinking: “Whoa, she is ditching us now that ZTH is over… she’s got better things to do with her other blogs! Traitor!” I assure you this is not the case. My dear hubby is working late today (and as usual, not getting paid for the extra hours) and he has to work tomorrow as well (yup, not getting paid for that one either) so I’ve been thinking about him. (more like can’t wait till he gets home-mind you it’s damn near 8 p.m. in Croatia and he has been at work since 6 a.m). He is a huge Douglas Adams’ fan, hence the title. Besides, who can resist the singing dolphins?

I loved participating in Zero To Hero. I have to admit, I knew about the majority of the stuff that was mentioned, I’m not gonna lie. But it was so much fun! Plus, it gave me the necessary kick to brainstorm  some events for some blogs. I discovered some great blogs and challenged some to make me pee my pants laughing (hear that tourmama616? I’m still waiting…*taps foot*).

More importantly, I managed to push my husband out of his shell. I knew that if I did the challenge with our “main” blog, I would still be in charge of all the connecting and relationship building. I don’t mind that aspect of blogging, really I don’t. But it can get a bit overwhelming. Plus he kept saying he doesn’t really “get” commenting on blogs… forums are more his thing. Perhaps the replies are almost instant in forums. So, I kinda tricked him into doing this with our blog and I happily took over my blog and pushed out my secret plan to have a journal again!

I’m sneaky I know. As a result, he has found some interesting blogs, I have seen him comment and engage with others, and I am happy because he actually enjoyed it. I knew he had fun, and I’m pretty sure he will tell you so himself tomorrow, or Sunday… when he gets the chance to post.

As for me and this place? I’m staying. I most likely won’t update on a daily basis, more like 3 times per week, but I will be here. I have 52 weeks of swatches running, and I am brainstorming some ideas. I won’t list all the lovely people I found, you can see them in my community widget and the blogs I follow widget.


One thought on “Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 30 – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

  1. For you and the readers that follow us as a collective whole; I didn’t get home until 21:30. My darling wife was in the middle of cooking when I finally got home. Yes, she does enoy making sure I eat when I get home. I will do yet another catch up when I get home tomorrow; provided I am not pulling another 6 to 21 day.

    For the post, yes ljubav, I did get a kick out of it; very much so.

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