Share Your World

Today’s Zero To Hero challenge wants us to stretch and go find a blogging event to participate in. Can I be honest and say that I found two I would like to participate in? And I have gained inspiration to create my own blogging event? To my defense, I can be a bit too eager sometimes, an overachiever if you will.

Well, to cut to the chase the first even I will be participating in on this blog is Cee’s Photography Share your world Event. I like it because of the premise behind it. Let’s get to know each other by answering 4 random questions each week.

Here goes my entry for this week’s questions.

1. In what do you find the simplest of joys? I find the simplest joys in the small things that happen on a daily basis. The drawing of my daughter that even though it looks like a bunch of potatoes with hair, represents our family. My son coming home from school and telling me he got an A. My husband giving me a kiss before leaving for work. A random text message to tell me he loves me.

2. Jello or Pudding? And what is your favorite flavor? Definitely pudding. And chocolate. I can never have enough chocolate. Although nougat comes close to sharing first place with chocolate.

3. Is there a language you’d like to learn? For some reason I would love to learn Japanese. I know it’s complex language but I am strangely drawn to it.

4. Do you prefer juice or fruit? Depends on the fruit/juice. I prefer orange juice to actual fruit, but I prefer cherries over cherry juice. I can’t stand grapefruit be it fruit or juice. It’s just ugh… let’s not go there.

So there’s that. I am looking forward to the next round of questions and I hope Cee doesn’t mind me for randomly jumping in.


2 thoughts on “Share Your World

  1. I’m thrilled you chose my Share Your World to participate in. I hope you had fun answering the questions. I know I enjoyed reading them. It OK to participate only every once in awhile. If you don’t like the questions, look through some old questions and answer those instead. There is no time line.

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