Zero To Hero Challenge: Day 18-Let’s Get Social

Today’s challenge wants us to get social, connect at least one social network to our blog. That is already taken care of since day 1 for me. The links to my social networks are in my sidebar. I have a link to my Twitter profile which is not so active because I am in the process of re-branding myself while I re-focus my official website. Next up is my Facebook page which I recently set up to make it different from my personal Facebook profile, also in efforts of re-branding myself. Last but not least is Pinterest link which is actually connected to my other blog because I couldn’t be hassled with creating different profiles for different purposes. That can get tiresome pretty quickly.

If you get curios enough to get-a-clicking, I invite you to like my Facebook page because I will be focusing more on it in the coming future and would really love some engagement there. Of course if you are completely in awe with my awesomeness you are more than welcome to stalk me on Twitter and/or Pinterest.

For those of you who aren’t tech-savvy here are some quick tips to make your own social media icons:

  • First go to Something Swanky and download the social media silhouettes by right clicking on the images and saving them as .png to your computer. She also offers a brief explanation on how to use them, so read through her article if my instructions aren’t clear enough.
  • Go to Picmonkey  and click on Design, pick a square shaped canvas, and make sure you select Transparent background. Change the canvas size to 48×48 and zoom in so you can see better what you are doing.
  • When the editor opens, click Themes (Sweethearts) and then in Overlays select Badges. Select a badge you like and click it, it will show up on the canvas. On the right you can change the colors. I picked a cute little circle for the purposes of this tutorial, and changed the color to a nice shade of blue:
Step 1

Step 1

  • Then we are going to choose Overlays and select Use Your Own. This is where you locate the icons you downloaded and add them to your canvas:
Step 3 Adding The Icon You Downloaded

Step 3 Adding The Icon You Downloaded

  • When you’re happy with results, click on save and download the image to your computer. Repeat for every social icon you downloaded and voila! Be sure to save them as .png so you can keep the transparency.  You have a set of social icons that you made!
  • Now to actually use them in your theme. Go to Appearance>Widgets>Image Widget, drag it to your sidebar and let’s make it show your custom icons!
  • You can either upload the icons to your media library and then copy the link to the media file or to Dropbox, Photobucket, Imageshack…
  • In Image URL you enter the path to your uploaded image, you can give it an alternate text like Pinterest Profile, and you can enter the same for Image title.
  • You can leave the Caption field empty and in the Link URL enter the profile to your social network like so:

Click on save and that’s it!

In case all that is too much work for you feel free to download these cute social icons (the link will take you to the post where you can download them) I created on one of my slow days, and use them in your widgets! They come in 4 sizes and 6 colors, and have icons for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS feed and Google+. Here’s a sneak peek preview:

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons


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