Busy Bee

I have been busy yesterday and today. As a work-at-home mom, my to-do list is never ending. From things to do that are work-related, to helping (supervising) my son doing his homework, doing some basic pre-homeschooling with our daughter to household chores, life can get hectic at times.

Right now I am experiencing some down time (right now I don’t have any clients) but that doesn’t mean I am sitting idly. I am always switching things up or coming up with ideas, or working on a yet-another-theme-re-iteration because it never looks good. I am doing more with our daughter because I am doing my damnedest to raise her as bi-lingual which results in some very odd sentence structures and a whole “new language”. We have been doing flash cards and while she has mastered all the shapes, all the colors, and some of the letters, numbers still remain a problem. She still starts counting at 3 and then continues with 5, 8, 7… I think I might throw in some purple princess coloring pages in for her… maybe that will help her.

In other news, I did add a blogroll to my site, and currently it links to 4 of my favorite blogs, and they are ladies whose blogs I enjoy and who are in the same field as me. I didn’t add all the others because I see no point in showing you all 100+ blogs I follow and read.

I have also been nominated for 3 more awards, the Sunshine Award by Vegas who promised to also be there for me (I am holding you to it, now will you send some whiskey my way please when I need it? :P), the WordPress family award by a sweetheart Aimee and the very prestigious B.A.S.T.A.R.D award by very awesome Vegas.

I know there are some opposing views when it comes to these blog awards, some say they are meaningless, pointless, and there are no real benefits from them; some are overwhelmed and enthused when they get them. I don’t mind, and never have minded them. To me, they are a way of saying “Hey, you’re not alone in this, we’re here too.” Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the blogosphere, especially if you are brand new and feel like nobody really knows about you. In fact, that is often one of the main reasons why a lot of blogs seize to exist after a couple of months. I see them as a form of encouragement.  So thank you, Aimee and Vegas (although I was hoping you’d nominate me for the B.I.T.C.H. award aka Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Honest award :P).

I will be doing my nominations over the weekend.


10 thoughts on “Busy Bee

      • Oh I was just kidding 😉 Although you might change your mind if you ever decide to try rakiju od smokve (fig)… but do not forget that even though it’s really delicious and sweet – it IS rakija after all 😉

      • I did. My mother has a collection of all sorts of rakija in her house given to her from friends (.. maybe she should find new friends or politely suggest AA meetings to them). Didn’t like it.

      • Depending on the part of Croatia you’re living in, it just might be that your mother’s friends all have some home made rakija, and if so – you have to proudly give it to your friends so they would try it and compliment you on how your rakija is the best…ever. And it’s cheaper than whiskey 😉
        AA meetings? I can’t even imagine how that would look like here 😀

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