Zero To Hero: Day 11-Thoughts On Being A Good Neighbor

I am getting straight to the point here. Today’s challenge prompted us to leave comments on blogs we never commented on before. As always, with commenting I have one lingering conundrum. Some of you already know I run more than one blog. Given that fact, it’s safe to say I comment (or at least try to) on a regular basis. The conundrum is ever present: do I comment on the blogs that are similar to mine? Or do I spread my wings and comment on the blogs that interest me but don’t necessarily deal with the same topic?

On one hand, it’s all about expanding your community, getting to know like-minded people and forming relationships that might turn into real life friendships (stranger things have happened, believe me!), getting your name out there and growing your blog. It makes sense to focus on your topics of interest, if you are a mommy blog (nothing against mommy blogs! In fact I follow quite a few of them!) it makes sense to find other mommy blogs out there and connect with them. You have something in common. And that right there is how all relationships start. Just think about kindergarten. How did you meet other kids? I am willing to bet you socialized first with the kids who you could identify with, who shared something in common with you, even if you weren’t aware of it then. It doesn’t really make sense to start connecting with bloggers who blog about something completely unrelated like a blog dedicated to Sci-Fi  or a blog dedicated to New Rock Alternative Music.

On the other hand, I have to agree with my husband, as well as a forum member who likes to spread their wings. We as humans, are not born with a one-track mind. We all have different interests, and we like to explore them and expand them. Why should we limit ourselves just to sticking with one interest? Why should we hinder our nature and our creativity at that by focusing on just other mommy blogs out there, or dog lover blogs out there or web design blogs…? Why shouldn’t you as a web design blog leave a comment on a mommy blog if you happen to be a mom, or dog lovers blog if you share the love for dogs?

The way I see it is something like this. Commenting is a way to grow your community. By following similar blogs, you are more likely to have visitors of those blogs or authors of those blogs to come visit yours and maybe stick around and comment and reciprocate the favor by sharing your blog with their readers. Bearing that in mind, why would a Sci-Fi oriented blog be interested in a dog lovers blog? Why would readers of a web design blog be interested in a mommy blog? As one forum member pointed it out, (thanks culturallife) we are also creature of habit and we tend to stick to what we know and love. So jumping over and following something completely unrelated to us may push us too far from our comfort zone. Sure you might dig that article about The Truth Behind Black Holes but will you become a regular reader of their blog? More importantly, how will your article Design A Killer Flat Website In PSD convince them to follow you?

I am torn between those two because I fully understand what my husband and ellieverse are saying. However, I am not entirely sure that would be beneficial to either one of the opposing blogs. I could be (and most likely) am wrong. I happen to be a creature of habit and comment on blogs similar to mine. I want to add value to them and to their readers. My other blog deals more with family life and specifics of our situation so I don’t really see me commenting on a blog like Copyblogger, even though I enjoy their articles and read them quite frequently, because I don’t think their audience would be interested in that particular topic.

In the end, we all have our own ways of commenting and connecting with other bloggers. The most important thing to take away from all of this rambling is that there is no rule set in stone where you should comment. It’s all a matter of personal choice and preference. The relationship you form, and the community you make should be the ultimate reward.


16 thoughts on “Zero To Hero: Day 11-Thoughts On Being A Good Neighbor

  1. Victoria says:

    I always search out different blogs to expand my horizon. Would get awfully boring if I only connected and commented with those who crochet…LOL Your blog is awesome by the way! Love today’s Zero to Hero challenge!

  2. I understand the conundrum. I think it depends on your goals as a blogger (those goals can change.) I’m a writer and my central blog (started 5 years ago) was a place for me to play with a new form of writing. Because of all my crazy connections with bloggers I have expanded my writing genres. That would never have happened if I had just followed and commented on one select type of blog. If you want to expand your horizons I would say be eclectic.
    I’m glad to meet you via the zero to hero thing…

    • Glad to meet you too, I’ll be honest I was lurking around your blog earlier today… can I get a dragon too pretty please with cherry on top?
      My other problem is, sometimes I get shy rather easily when it comes to commenting, especially if it’s a topic I don’t cover myself. But I am working on that one. One of the “hidden” reasons behind my blogging journey.

  3. I think it’s important to expand our horizons as often as possible. I work in the music business and it’s quite similar to the point you are making here (although completely different). Allow me to explain. There are many elitists in music. People who will only listen to a specific genre, and have no interest in discovering other forms of music that are out there. The only time they MAY think about giving something else a listen, is if an artist from the elitists genre mentioned something in an interview about being inspired by something outside of their normal genre. Then the elitist will either check it out and love it simply because he is told to, or hate that artist for stepping outside of the circle.

    The point is, you don’t have to like everything or be interested in everything, but I find great pleasure in looking outside of the box for new stuff out there and there’s no greater feeling than being pleasantly surprised by someone or something.

    So go forth, bloggers..explore the blogosphere. You don’t have to like to all, but won’t it be amazing to find something new you never dreamed you’d like?

  4. I agree with your conclusion. It’s all about our own personal preferences and goals. The beauty of blogging is that we have access to so many viewpoints on numerous topics, we are able to share as much or as little as we want to, and we have the ability to join in on any conversation. There are no rules, except to be respectful members of this community. And personally, I enjoy receiving comments from bloggers who write about completely different topics. It is a reminder that we are all more connected than we may realize.

    • I need to keep re-enforcing to myself that there are no rules. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by reading all the other bloggers and their advice of how to make a successful blog, what to do, what not to do. Sometimes I think they are all forgetting what blogging is really about: expressing your voice and connecting with other bloggers, whether they share your opinion or not.

      • Yes, I feel the same way. Sure, I enjoy getting new followers and I am happy when my blog has a decent day for page views. But that is not what is most important to me. Blogging is most fulfilling for me when I am able to make connections with my readers and other bloggers. Of course, it’s difficult to make those connections if your blog is not easily found by others. I guess if making those connections is important, then it is also important to spend some time on focusing on how you can make your blog more visible.

  5. In some sense, since my blog tends to have no particular theme to it other than being a constant slice of my life, I feel comfortable reading or at least considering most blogs.
    I enjoyed your post, and in some sense, I almost feel the need to comment on a post if it moved me in any way, or gives me ideas for posts of my own. I’d rather leave a comment than just a seemingly ambiguous “like.”

      • I totally agree, sometimes you’d like to comment but there’s either too much or nothing much you can write that would express what you want to be expressed. So all of the sudden it kinda seems “stupid” to comment at all. Then I just “like” and laugh at myself hahaha 😉

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