How To Add Other Blogs To Your WordPress Reader

We have been encouraged to find blogs to follow, and to expand our community. Exploring has been mainly happening in the Reader but there is nothing stopping you from stepping outside the reader and finding other blogs out there in the vast blogosphere.

If you happen to stumble across a blog you really enjoy, and it happens to be hosted on Blogger, or Tumblr, (be warned Tumblr can be such a wonderful time waster), Typepad or self hosted WordPress blog it’s easy to add it to your WordPress Reader.

First, go to your WordPress Reader and click on the edit box next to Blogs I Follow:


Once you get to the next screen, all you have to do is grab the blog’s URL and copy paste it in the box at the top and then click on the Follow sign right next to it.


You can also click on the export button below it and import it into your preferred RSS reader like Feedly or Bloglovin or similarly you can import a list of blogs that you saved somewhere else like in Blogger.

In essence, blogging is much like a party. Now go out there and mingle…err… follow some blogs and make some new friends!


6 thoughts on “How To Add Other Blogs To Your WordPress Reader

  1. Thanks! I could have figured this out if it had ever occurred to me to look into it, but it did not. I find the reader very useful, I probably use it more than any other aggregator, and this is helpful, because it’s annoying not to have a few sites I keep up with in the reader.

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