A Little Collection Of Some Useful Resources For Bloggers

I put together a small collection of some useful resources that aims to help those new to the blogging scene. Some of you may be wondering where to get images for your blogs, where to get resources for your background and header image and you may not be design-savvy or feeling particularly creative.

I am sharing with you some of my resources that I have used in one form or another when I needed a quick background pattern or felt uninspired to make my own header image… also before I knew anything about Photoshop or free equivalents. All of the resources I mention are free so you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost.

Background Patterns

1. Subtle Patterns – my preferred choice when I go looking for a background pattern. They offer a variety of patterns that you can use and you can filter them by dark or light patterns. My favorites on this site include Norwegian Rose and Nistri.

2. DinPattern – another great resource and my second favorite.

3. Pattern Cooler – if you feel a bit more adventurous you can go to this site and edit the patterns that are already there and then download and use them. They are also a bit more colorful.

4. Squidfingers a lovely collection of patterns made by a graphic designer, available for free download.

Header Images

If you don’t want to mess with creating your own graphics (although you can even without using paid software) there are sites out there that you can use to get your new shiny header image for free.

1. Smashing Magazine – this article by Smashing Magazine has 45 lovely free header images for your blog that you can download and use. Some of them even have the source files as well so you can tweak them if you so desire.

2. Free WordPress Headers – like the title suggests, they offer free WordPress headers

Free Stock Images

We all know a good photo can say a thousand words not to mention add that little extra touch to your blog posts. Below are some sites where you can find lovely free stock images that are released under Creative Commons License which means you are free to use them as long as you properly credit the original author.

1. Stock Xchng

2. Compfight – essentially a Flickr search tool that you can use to search for images based on the licensing and gives you the necessary attribution code to add to your image captions

3. Freestock – one of my favorites, they have some really cool photos on the site

4. MorgueFile

5. Pixabay

I have used all of these in the past, and I still do in some of my projects. I hope some of these make your blogging a tad bit easier.


4 thoughts on “A Little Collection Of Some Useful Resources For Bloggers

  1. I am a zerotohero blogger too, a little behind, searching blogs to comment on, then found myself nosying down your blog, must be a good thing 🙂 Then came across this treasure of source of information, thank you so much! You MUST be a very experienced blogger, either that or I am seriously technically challenged, I just don’t know about half this stuff. I just like writing and making it pretty so I should get my ass in to gear and use some of the tips you just gave, thanks again

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