Zero To Hero: Day 7 – Personalizing In My Style

Ha! I am being sneaky today! I decided to combine Zero To Hero challenge with Daily Prompt (they conveniently match today). As you can see, I customized the background with a blue pattern I made in Photoshop. One thing you must know about me: I am obsessed with color blue. It’s my favorite color. I like all things blue, and if I could get away with it, my future house would be blue… all over.

As far as my style goes… hmmmm… let’s see….

personalizing in my style

As far as clothes and fashion go… I like casual elegance, if that even is a style. I prefer jeans and I believe jeans can look elegant with the right accessories. I don’t like skinny jeans (I am skinny.. way too skinny and I think I look like a twig in skinny jeans). I prefer flare bottom jeans like these:

I adore scarfs, in all shapes and forms, the longer and the fuzzier the better. I love turtle necks. If I’m at home, you can usually find me in sweat pants, and in my trusty blue robe (which my husband got for me and since I can’t get re-used to cold since we came to Croatia from Florida, it has become my best friend #2). I love boots but I am not a fan of high heels. They kill my back and I feel uncomfortable wearing them. You will rarely find me in a skirt or a dress which drives my husband nuts but I just don’t feel comfortable in a skirt//dress. I guess the biggest selling point for me to wear something is it has to be comfortable. I prefer blue/grey/black color combinations with hints of beige, which on the other hand drives my mother nuts.

Moving on to looks… I am a pretty simple gal in that aspect. I hate make up because it feels like I have plaster all over my face so on the rare occasions I do wear make up (when I feel like it, unless I know I am going to be doing something that requires me showing up all dolled up) it’s usually just mascara and lip gloss. I prefer earth tones which again drives my mother nuts. (Can you see a repeating trend here? I swear I am not a rebellious teenager, it’s just my mother and I are THAT different, and since we are currently living with her….you get the point). I dislike my God given hair color (to me it looks like a puked on grey mouse, even though some have said it was ash blonde… I refrained myself from telling them they must be color-blind… it had nothing to do with ash blonde) so I dye my hair to a dark reddish-brown color which I am perfectly happy with because I think it brings out the color of my eyes. Aaaaaaand yup, you guessed it… do I really need to type it out again?

Let’s tackle books next? I am a bookworm… I used to devour books and was the happiest when I could read, and read and then read some more. I enjoy a good piece of literary fiction, be it a historical novella or a modern day thriller. My favorite book is For Love Of Evil by Piers Anthony, followed by Blue Adept by the same author, and then The Little Prince by Antoine De-Saint Exupery.

I think that gives you plenty of insight into my personality so I will leave you with this for now. Any other women out there who hate make up as much as I do or am I alone in this?


6 thoughts on “Zero To Hero: Day 7 – Personalizing In My Style

  1. Hahaha! Welcome to the club! I went ‘Anti Prompter’, Day 6 and Day 7(Changed my background too!) all in one! So cheers to a might good post for you!

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