Zero To Hero: Day 6 – A Song To Describe Me

Music is an important part of my life. I pretty much do everything with music in the background. I cook while listening to my tunes, I wash the dishes while singing in (out) of tune with my playlist, I work listening to music… the only time I am not listening to music is when I am sleeping, and even then I listen to music to fall asleep.

I don’t discriminate against genres. You can find everything on my playlist: the earliest dating back to the 50’s and 60’s all the way to present, every genre imaginable from Classics (like Carmina Burana or Fur Elise) to good old Rock to New Rock Alternative. My preferred genre however is Rock. It tends to occupy a good 75% of my playlist.

The songs that mean the most to me are the ones whose lyrics I can connect to. If the lyrics speak to me, you can bet the song is going on my playlist. I identify with so many songs it’s not funny.

For the longest time the song that meant the world to me was Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin. Nowadays I identify myself more with I’m alive by Disturbed.  However, I will not link to Disturbed songs, as I don’t want to potentially scare you off.

Instead I will leave you with another favorite of mine that means a lot to me:


8 thoughts on “Zero To Hero: Day 6 – A Song To Describe Me

  1. Your music interests and collection sounds as diverse as mine and weirdly I was listening to the Led Zepplin IV album on the way home today, I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment 🙂

    • What’s really funny about my music interests is the way they spark a conversation with complete strangers. I was doing monthly shopping and while waiting in the line I started singing to Girls just wanna have fun by Cindy Lauper when all of a sudden a guy old enough to be my father approaches me and asks me if I know who sings the song. When I told him his jaw dropped and he commented that is genuinely surprised that someone my age knew about that song. I didn’t tell him I sing Beatles tunes when I am in the shower lol.

  2. I love Simon and Garfunkel. I used to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to my son when he was in the hospital (he was a preemie and stayed in the hospital for several weeks), and “Sounds of Silence” is one of my favorite songs ever.

  3. lmbuck says:

    NIce! I like Rock too. Unfortunately at work, I have to listen to whatever the dentist wants, which is usually Radio One 😦
    My choices are usually not deemed patient friendly! hehe

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