Zero To Hero: Day 5 – Loving Your Theme

Picking the right theme for your blog… probably my favorite thing of all when it comes to blogging. I could browse the Theme Showcase for hours on end, checking out different themes, trying them out, and seeing what customization options are available. My I have an entire bookmarks folder devoted to WordPress themes, my work folder has around 50 different WordPress themes that I downloaded and made child themes for, as well a few of them I made myself.

I think it’s important to pick a theme that resonates with you. After all, your blog, self hosted or not is just like your online “house”. You want it to be beautiful and reflect your personality. It makes the blogging process easier. Seeing my blog dressed up in a theme I like, makes me all giddy and all sorts of super happy and excited. It actually makes me want to post more often, and there are some days when I wake up and can’t wait to get behind the keyboard and write, just so I can see the pretty pages updated. (In a weird sort of way I also feel that way about notebooks…)

Picking a theme for this blog: Adelle

When I saw Adelle it was kinda love at first sight. It looked simple, unobtrusive and with an elegant feminine touch. Now, usually, I am not really a girly type. I don’t really like make up, I rarely wear dresses or skirts (which drives my husband nuts), and I don’t really love pink. But this theme spoke to me in a subtle way and the decision was made. It will be this blog’s theme.

So far, I am happy with my choice. I love the simplicity and elegance of the theme and the only thing that I changed was the background. I may add in a custom header, I am still debating that. We will see as time goes on.


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