Zero To Hero: Day 4 – Exploring The Neighborhood

Today’s task for Zero To Hero challenge is to follow 5 topics and start exploring our favorite blogs. I have to say that this is nothing new to me. I already follow a decent amount of blogs; some of them are, some  are self-hosted WordPress blogs, some are Blogger blogs (either Blogger hosted or self-hosted) and some of them are Tumblr blogs. I am all over the place.

Some of the topics I follow are web design, graphic design, organizing, blogging (wow a shocker I know), notebooks, photography, technology, lifehacking… The list goes on. I used to keep count of the blogs I follow. I somehow lost that number over the past year, as I started following more and more blogs.

The real challenge of this challenge is not finding new blogs to follow. That’s easy. The hard part about it is… if you follow a lot of blogs, your reader can quickly get overwhelming. The real challenge about this is not reading the posts of the fellow bloggers you follow. The real challenge is forming a relationship. Nothing would make me happier than to comment on all the blogs I am following, every time they make a post. But the truth is… on some of them I don’t. I don’t have that kind of time, sadly. So I comment on some of them regularly, on some of them less frequently.

Someone asked on the forums how to keep up with all your blogs. That question used to bug me too. How in the heck do you keep up with so many different blogs? Then I discovered Bloglovin. I love WordPress (be it .com or .org) to bits and pieces. Really I do. But I feel the Reader is somewhat lacking. I would love if it would allow for categorizing the blogs to make it a bit more organized, like Bloglovin does. I imported the my WordPress reader subscriptions into Bloglovin and from there I can categorize them into topics. It allows me to view all the unread posts or to just view unread posts in a specific category, which slightly facilitates things when it comes to commenting and being active.

With that said… I currently follow 49 blogs on alone. If I add in the other blogs I follow that number rises to 70ish. (Crazy lady I know). Needless to say, I don’t spend my days just reading all the blogs I follow. I have a designated time for that, and it’s that time that I usually reserve for making comments on them as well. I may not comment on all of them every day, or every time they publish a post but when I do leave a comment I try to make sure it’s something worth saying. I may comment on your blog tomorrow, and you may not see me comment for a week, or two weeks. However, that does not mean that I don’t read all your posts. I do. I am there. Even if I am quietly observing from the shadows, I am there.


2 thoughts on “Zero To Hero: Day 4 – Exploring The Neighborhood

  1. Hey there, thanks for the share of the Bloglovin… I hadn’t heard of it before. I used to follow tons of blogs about a game I used to play, and organized them through Outlook to keep track of them all… since then though I’ve been using the reader. I appreciate knowing that there are other options out there should the reader become overwhelming.

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