Zero To Hero: Day 3 – What’s On My Mind?

The very first thing that came to my mind when I started this blog was: “this will be my outlet…”. I didn’t have an exact and precise idea about what kind of an outlet it will be. I wasn’t sure whether it will be an outlet for my ever-racing mind that seems to jump from one topic to another, or an outlet for my work frustrations, or simply an outlet for me to write about writing//blogging. All I knew in the back of my mind is that I wanted an outlet.

I have been keeping a journal since I was about 8 years old, the Christmas when I received a journal and a pen to go with it. I think around that very Christmas is what started my love affair with writing and related items. (Side-note: I am slightly obsessed with stationery and office supplies). My journaling adventures went from writing down my events of the day, to a letter form entries in the style of Anne Frank to writing poetry and short stories that reflected my current state of mind. I have kept a journal till I started college and then time no longer allowed for journal entries with trying to be a mom, a college student, and a wife.

I always felt something was missing since I stopped writing my journal, and the other blogs I have dealt with different topics, not necessarily fitting for a journal. So maybe this was my subconscious leading me to what I needed to do. This blog was born. I don’t want to write about my personal life, I want to write about writing. I want to write about my passion for writing that grew into passion for blogging, which occupies a great deal of my time nowadays.  If in the process of recording my thoughts, I manage to encourage the same passion in someone else, then all the better.


One thought on “Zero To Hero: Day 3 – What’s On My Mind?

  1. lmbuck says:

    I’m right there with you on the stationary and office supplies obsession. My fiance actually drags me away from stores like Paperchase, or back to school sales! lol.

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