Zero To Hero: Day 2 – What’s Your Name?

What’s my name? Coming up with a name for my blog has always been my least and most favorite thing to do. I’m a walking contradiction I know. I love coming up with a blog name because I can come up with quite a few ideas. I hate it at the same time because I have a hard time picking the right one. How do you chose a name for your blog without sounding like you are copying someone else? How do you sum up in a few words the very essence of your blog?

I see blog (any blog I happen to maintain actively) as an extension of myself. It’s not just a random place for me to write down whatever comes to my mind and call it a day. My blog is a reflection of my personality, my likes, and dislikes, my passions… I want my blog to paint an accurate picture of that. I don’t want to live online and have someone else be responsible for an image of me. If I have an online presence that I can control (at least to some degree), I want that image of me to be exactly as I am in the real world. Giving a summary of all that is not always an easy task.

I know I can be quite random at times. I am also aware that I hold way too many interests. I know that the reason I have multiple blogs is precisely because I have so many interests. The whole month of December I have struggled with wanting a central place where I can write about my whole blogging experience, that would serve as an online journal of things I know, and things I am learning//will learn. I wanted a form of release where I am not tied into a roll of Ana Lynn the web developer, or Ana Lynn aka Arweena the gamer, or Ana Lynn the Croatian who married an American.  And so, this blog with the Zero To Hero challenge has been given life. It is my release. My collection of tips, tricks and notes about blogging. My journal.


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