Zero To Hero: Day 1- Who Am I?

Well, this is it. I am kicking the New Year off by setting out to do the Zero to Hero challenge. Some might think I am crazy for adding yet another blog to my list. What can I say? I always loved a good challenge (doing things bass-ackwards, or the harder way). I run three self hosted WordPress blogs. Two of them are maintained on an almost daily basis. One of them on a weekly basis. Why add to this? After all blogging is a lot of work.

Truth be told, I need a place to write down my thoughts, lessons learned and vent out my frustrations. It doesn’t fit in with the other blogs’ topics. I thought about writing a journal. Honestly, I did. Then I realized, that someone somewhere might benefit from what I ramble on about. Hence this blog. It’s been created some time ago and it’s just been sitting here looking all sad and glum. It deserved some loving. It just breaks my heart that it sits here empty.

So to kick things off in the New Year, I decided to take up the challenge. I hope to learn even more from this challenge, and I sincerely hope I can pass along some of my knowledge to others. I have grand plans for my blogs this year and I cannot begin to describe how hyped I am about it! Let’s get the party started.


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