About Me

anamelioLogoFinalMom. Wife. Designer. Blogger.  Croatian born, American at heart, I love organizing while keeping it simple. I also have an infinite love for writing and blogging in general. I decided to start this blog as a sort of an online journal of my blogging adventures, a place to share my experiences, frustrations, and lessons learned from running and managing several blogs.

When I am not blogging here you can find me blogging on Our Blended Marriage which is a blog I run together with my husband. My roles include writing, editing, maintenance, marketing and design/tinkering with design depending on the “theme-of-the-moment” mood- that means I either tweak and tinker with a theme my husband set his eyes on, or I am completely ignoring him and putting a theme together from scratch to the best of my abilities.

I also blog  will be blogging more frequently on my freelance blog. My roles there include: writing, editing, maintenance, design, and marketing. My design portfolio is also located there.

I formerly blogged on Brakmarian Rose which was a blog made specifically for a guild I was a leader of on Dofus. My roles were pretty much the same there as they are on the rest of the blogs. That blog however, is quite stale since we haven’t played actively since last summer, and it may go the way of the Dodo bird here soonish. It’s worth mentioning that Brakmarian Rose is the whole reason behind me venturing into web design, so it still holds some sentimental values.

If you want to say hi or have any questions for me you can always contact me using the form below. I will be more than happy to reply.  You are also free to stalk me on my social media networks (the links are in the sidebar) 🙂


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really like this about me page. It’s different, and your intro really reels people in! I don’t know how you could run a few self hosted blogs, you’re an amazing blogger for doing so! I couldn’t do it. Great About me Page!!!

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